As a reputable Australian run company, Haines Medical Australia create cost-effective, disposable solutions for hospitals, clinics, and aged care facilities. Safety, comfort, and simplicity are our top priorities, and our products are all tried and tested.

Our designers and developers in our ‘Solutions Lab’ have teamed up with customers and clinicians to create 20 new and improved products in 2020. Our focus is clear, to make single-patient use and disposable products to improve efficiency, environment and workflow. We are fortunate to be able to continue developing our range of products this year.

The Haines Medical ‘Solutions Lab’ demonstrates our dedication to customer collaboration, intelligent solutions, R&D, scientific verification, and product testing.

Like always, we want our products to do the talking.

We are always willing to provide Healthcare organisations FREE samples of our disposable and single patient use products to test and trial.


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  • Disposable Curtains to fit existing hooks

    Haines® Disposable Curtains are designed to replace your existing reusable curtains in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, day surgeries, medical centres and other healthcare facilities that require the use of...
  • Biodegradable Denture Cup

    The Haines® Biodegradable Denture Cup with Lid is designed for safe and hygienic storage of patient dentures. The denture cup is made from paper with a bioplastic coating, making them...
  • Disposable Paper Medicine Cup

    Haines® Disposable Paper Medicine Cup is designed for safe and accurate delivery of patient medication from 5 ml to 60 ml. The medicine cup is made from paper pulp with a waterproof...
  • Disposable Paper Wound Ruler

    Haines® Disposable Paper Wound Ruler is designed in conjunction with Wound Managers to enable accurate and regular external wound dimension measurements. The ruler is a convenient tool to monitor and...
  • Disposable Patient Positioning Strap

    Ideal for use with the operating room table, cystoscopy table, gurney, stretcher, bed or with a wheelchair. 180cm Long x 16cm Wide Teal Box 25 Product available early 2021 For...
  • Flojac Air-Assisted Lifting Device

    Lifts patients weighing up to 500kg from the floor with controlled deflation and inflation FloJac is an air-assisted lifting device that is intended to help clinicians safely lift patients weighing...
  • Haines FloJac Air Assisted Device Pack

    1 x AP FLOJAC-39 - FloJac 1 x APAS Grounded Air Supply Pump 1 x AP34R Air-Assisted Transfer Device “Reusable” 1 x APCLAX-XL Clax Clever Folder Cart   Product available early 2021 For more...
  • TOUCHDRY® Heavy Duty Transfer Shee

    The TOUCHDRY® Heavy Duty Transfer Sheet is used in situations where a slide sheet or air transfer device may not be available. With a Safe Transfer Load of 160kg it is perfect...
  • SmartBarrier Bluey

    The Haines® SmartBarrier® Absorbent Bluey is an economical bed pad consisting of layers of absorbent tissue paper. The tissue paper is available in either 5ply or more absorbent Maxi. The...
  • SallySock Non-Slip

    Haines non-slip socks reduce slips and build confidence for patients. At Haines we asked ourselves if standard socks and ill-fitting slippers put patients at risk? We found that they in...
  • AAMI Level 3 Staff Isolation Gown

    Provides a moderate level of fluid barrier protection for frontline healthcare workers. Knitted cuff Tie-behind neck, tie-around waist 120cm long and 150cm around Fire retardant  
  • 3 Ply Surgical Face Mask - Elastic Loops

    **Please Note** - CALL & COLLECT is available for Adelaide Customers from our Lonsdale facility South of Adelaide, South Australia Prior to arriving, contact us on 8294 5999 to arrange phone...
  • Disposable Bouffant Cap

      1 layer PP – elastic all around 10gsm or 14gsm Polypropylene with kitching elastic Blue BOX 2000 (20 inner bags of 100)  
  • Disposable Niki Pump Pouch

    Designed to fit with the Fit T34 Niki Pump. Black Box 25 Product available early 2021 For more infommation contact
  • Adult Bib

    An efficient alternative to reusable bibs, reducing the need for laundry services and assisting patients with their hygiene. 3 ply: 2 ply paper + 1 PE waterproof layer 70cm L...
  • Mortuary Bags

    Ideal for storage and transportation of deceased patients The Haines® Mortuary Bag (cadaver bag, corpse bag, or dead body bag) is suitable for use by funeral homes, hospitals, emergency services...
  • Disposable Microfibre Flat Mop Head

    Haines® Disposable Microfibre Flat Head Mops are a more efficient and effective choice for facilities looking to optimise infection control and their resources. Independent laboratory testing* has shown that Haines® Disposable...
  • Reusable Microfibre Flat Mop Head

    Haines Reusable Microfibre Flat Mop Heads are a cost effective and compatible with leading mop handle hardware. The overlocked edges provide durability, and the coloured the coding meets the National...
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