SlipperySally Reusable Slide Sheets

SlipperySally Reusable Slide Sheets slips in all directions and both sides

Multi-Directional Washable Slide Sheet

The SlipperySally range of machine washable slide sheets feature a slip coating on both sides and a quieter softer feel. SlipperySally Reusable Slide Sheets slip extremely well and consistently on both sides and in all directions. It is the slide sheet of choice for many of Australia’s leading manual handlers.

Fully-Hemmed & Heat Sealed Options 
  • Fully-Hemmed - with a 12 x 8cm identification label sewn on is great for reducing SlipperySally loss at the laundry as well as allocating SlipperySally’s by ward or patient.

  • Heat Sealed Edges - reduces the chance of infection.

Features & Benefits
  • Silicone coated both sides - easy to use and very slippery
  • Slips consistently in all directions / both sides – no right way up
  • Made of soft polyester taffeta
  • Proven to retain their slip to 250 washes
  • Fully hemmed slide sheets have a 12 x 8cm identification label sewn on one corner (this can be used to record your ward number etc. to reduce lost slide sheets)
  • S.W.L. 360kg (Australian Wool Testing Authority)
  • *PLEASE CALL TO ORDER* - Roll of SlipperySally Premium Material (per METRE) to see what stock is available. 


Product Code: MT SLIP1
Slide Sheets & Tubes
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