Used to secure patient arms to arm-boards for surgery, the Haines® Foam Arm Positioning Strap Single Patient Use was developed to support a waste reduction initiative by Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) – a South Australian hospital leading the way in environmental sustainability.

Before Haines® became involved, the facility could only procure straps in pairs of two along with an arm-board cover. As two straps and a cover were rarely required, this caused significant wastage and, in turn, excess cost and frustration.

Haines® Arm Positioning Straps were designed with these environmental insights, and more, in mind. Made of soft, breathable fabric, with no clips or buckles for comfort, safety, ease of use and recyclability, they are sold without arm-board covers – in bulk packs to keep cost and plastic packaging to a minimum.


    • Soft yet strong foam-feel strap with a secure hook and loop closure mechanism
    • Single patient use to avoid the risk of cross-contamination
    • One size fits most arms / arm-boards
    • Easily applied and adjusted
    • Latex free
    • Size: 83cm L x 5cm W


    • BOX 250 (5 packs of 50 per box)


    Product Code: SUAPS-250