The unique design of this hinged board means it can facilitate the transfer of patients in semi-upright or a supine position.

A semi-upright transfer can be beneficial for patients who suffer from breathing difficulties or who find it difficult to lie flat due to underlying medical conditions.

Made from high strength polypropylene, the Banana Foldable Transfer Board can be wiped clean using soap and water, a cleaning disinfectant or alcohol-based solution (up to 75%).

This board can be easily positioned and removed in all transfer situations and requires minimal storage space. This wider board will effectively bridge a gap of up to 15cm.



Folding mechanism supports semi upright or supine patient transfer

High strength polypropylene for maximum durability

Lightweight with six handles for easy manoeuvrability

Anti slip pads ensure maximum grip during transfer

Requires minimum storage space

Easy to wipe clean

Compliance with safe manual handling procedures

Increased safety for carer and the patient


Banana® Foldable Transfer Board

150cm (59”) Long x 74cm (29”) Wide


Product Code: MT BB74150-FOLD