An exciting addition to the Haines range of PPE, the Greeny® Compostable Apron meets growing demand for plastic-free, single use consumables.

Greeny Compostable Aprons provide an environmentally friendlier alternative to disposable plastic aprons – an essential, high-volume healthcare consumable, often criticised for contributing to plastic waste in landfills.

Aside from supporting healthcare sustainability targets, the Greeny Compostable Apron provides a more breathable form of protection against spills and splashes, ideal for performing routine patient care and cleaning tasks.

Greeny Compostable Aprons are:

  • Certified compostable: Made from cornstarch-based bioplastic, compostable in 180 days and certified to AS 4736 and EN 13432 standards.1
  • Waterproof & protective: Greeny Compostable Aprons provide the fluid barrier protection and infection control benefits of traditional single use aprons.1
  • Breathable: Cornstarch bioplastic is innately breathable, making it ideal for medical staff aprons.1,2
  • Simple & secure: Tying securely at the back, Greeny Compostable Aprons provide a comfortable fit with a soft, matt finish.
  • Long & strong: Greeny Compostable Aprons are a long length to fit staff of all heights (can be cut to length if required) and are robust enough to withstand the day-to-day rigors of healthcare.

Switching to Greeny consumables is the ideal first step towards your sustainability targets.


  • 140cm long x 75cm wide
  • BOX of 150 (3 bags of 50 pieces)


Data references available in the downloadable brochure below.

Product Code: BIOAPRON-150