Haines® Economy Single Use Microfibre Mop Starter Kit

Experience the many benefits of 'microfibre charging'

Microfibre charging is an environmental cleaning method, popular in hospitals and healthcare facilities requiring regular, quick, but comprehensive cleaning of hard surfaces, including floors. 

With a microfibre mop charging system, a stack of dry, single use microfibre mop heads are placed in a purpose-specific mop charging bucket with water or cleaning solution. Once the liquid is absorbed and the cloths are wet, they are accessed one by one as required by carers or cleaners.

Haines® Single Use Microfibre Mop Heads (and Cleaning Cloths) are commonly used in two ways, depending on the area to be cleaned: 1) with water or steam, and 2) with a hospital grade disinfectant or detergent.



Use of microfibre consumables with water or steam is gaining momentum in healthcare facilities, due to the ability to achieve a high quality clean without chemical intervention.

Cleaning with water or steam is:

  • Cost-effective – Saving your facility money on chemical concentrates
  • Better for the environment – Reducing chemical contaminants in grey water
  • Safer for staff and patients – Reducing exposure to potentially harmful substances
  • Not only safe, but essential near patients with Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance (IEI).


For these reasons and more, Haines Single Use Microfibre Mop Heads (along with our Single Use Microfibre Cleaning Cloths have gained enormous traction over the last few years, and have become a staple of the Haines range.

Microfibre Mop Charging Starter Kits are ideal for healthcare clinics, medical centres and nursing homes, or any facility with hard floors, requiring quick and regular mopping... hairdressing and beauty salons, gyms, schools, hotels, hostels and more.


Haines® Economy Single Use Microfibre Mop Head Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 x Premium Charging Bucket
  • 1 x Haines® Extendable Mop Handle
  • 1 x Haines® Flat Mop Frame (45cm)
  • 2 x packs of 50 Haines® Single Use Microfibre Mop Heads (100 initial mop heads)


While Single Use Microfibre Mop Heads can be used straight out of the packet for sweeping, they are most effective when used wet. A mop charging bucket facilitates this – providing a handy vessel to prepare, store, and transport wet cloths or mop heads, ready for immediate use.

Product Code: DMH4814-HBKIT
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