Alleviate the cost and trauma associated with treating needle phobic patients

Available in packs of 7, 84 or 168.


Innovative, Australian-made device, recently featured on Channel 7’s Today Tonight and winner of a 2021 Good Design Australia Award.

Needle phobia is a more serious and costly condition effecting around 1 in 5 patients. Amongst other things, it commonly leads to:


  • Health care or immunisation avoidance – where sick or vulnerable individuals avoid treatment out of fear, escalating their medical condition or vulnerability and often, the extent and cost of treatment required in the future;
  • Increased risk of needlestick and other injuries to carers, such as the incident with a dirty needle that inspired the development of NeedleCalm;
  • Spikes in the cost of patient treatment with the cost of needle phobia strategies across all patient age groups averaging $25.81 plus doctor/nursing staff time;
  • Increased patient turnaround times and a costly cascade of events – Multiple cannulation attempts, haemolysed blood draws and a vasovagal episode can add 1 to 4 hours treatment time, plus gas/gas induction leading to a worst case scenario of over $1000 in unexpected treatment costs.
  • An overwhelmed practitioner and a patient who’s fears are compounded by yet another traumatic experience.


Considering the above costs and risks, it’s clear that NeedleCalm is a cost-saving, problem-solving product, worthy of its Good Design Award.


For a copy of the research and user instruction please contact us.


As featured on Channel 7’s Today Tonight:






Product Code: NCALM-7PK
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