For improved infection control

Haines® SallySling® Repositioning - Single Patient Use is a full bed-length sling, used with 4 point spreader bars, that allows the patient or resident to remain in a supine position for transfer or in-bed repositioning. It can also be used for turning. They are designed for use on one patient during their stay and should not be redistributed to other patients. 

This sling is compatible with hook style lifters (contact Haines® for further information – it is not compatible with clip style lifters).

Tested to Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 10535:2011

They are most often used as a replacement for reusable slings:

  • In high infection risk areas where the stitching presents a risk
  • Where wash costs and lead times are high
  • To reduce high initial capital expenditures where budgets don’t allow for it
  • During outbreaks of known or unknown infectious disease or Gastroenteritis


  • SWL 300kg / 660lbs (Standard size); 454kg / 1000lbs (Bariatric sizes)

  • Made of double layer polyester mesh with PP straps


Product Code: SLREPOSPU