STARTER KIT - Single Use Microfibre Cloth Charging System

Join the healthcare cleaning revolution!

Over the last two decades, microfibre technology has revolutionised the cleaning function, revealing there’s more to cleaning than elbow grease or harsh chemicals. Adding microfibre consumables into the cleaning equation, boosts the efficacy of traditional cleaning methods dramatically - leveraging the power of molecular science to trap and contain dirt and bacteria that would have otherwise been left behind.

Microfibre cleaning technology has proved ideal in clinical healthcare environments - particularly in a single use format through a system called ‘microfibre charging’.

Haines® Single Use Microfibre Cleaning Cloths have gained enormous traction over the last few years, and (along with our Single Use Microfibre Mop Heads) have become a staple of the Haines range. They are extremely popular in hospitals and healthcare facilities requiring regular, quick, but comprehensive cleaning of hard surfaces such as benches, bed rails and equipment.

To enable smaller healthcare practitioners to experience the benefits of microfibre charging for themselves - including the ability to clean highly effectively with water alone - STARTER KITS for both cloths and mop heads are now available.

At just $44 (inc GST), Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Starter Kits are ideal for healthcare clinics, medical centres and nursing homes, or any facility requiring quick and regular wipe-downs... hairdressing and beauty salons, gyms, schools, hotels, hostels and more.

Starter Kit Contents:

  • 1 x high quality Rubbermaid HYGENTM Charging Bucket  
  • 2 x packs of 60 Haines® Single Use Microfibre Cleaning Cloths (120 initial cloths)


Product Code: DMC3030-KIT
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