A patient transfer sheet and heavy-duty underpad in one

TouchDRY® Heavy Duty Transfer Sheets are a unique, convenient and versatile product designed for operating theatres, ambulance services, emergency departments and ICUs. The reinforced backing and highly absorbent yet breathable surface make them ideal for trauma scenarios.

Built for strength, fluid containment and maintaining patient skin integrity, TouchDRY® Heavy Duty Transfer Sheets have an absorption capacity of 3.6L and a safe transfer load of 160kg.

Each sheet contains encapsulated polymers that trap fluid and reduce offensive odours. The upper surface is gentle on the patient skin, and the generous size of each sheet facilitates quick post-patient clean-ups.

The TouchDRY® Heavy Duty Transfer Sheet is used in situations where a slide sheet or air transfer device may not be available. With a Safe Transfer Load of 160kg, it is ideal for trauma and on-site emergency scenarios where high absorption and transfer of patient is required.


  • Safe transfer load of up to 160kg wet or dry - ideal for trauma scenarios
  • TouchDRY® technology - gentle on the patient’s skin
  • Heavy-duty reinforced backing - a transfer sheet and Bluey in one!
  • Highly breathable for patient comfort
  • Absorbent polymers to reduce leaks and odours
  • 3.6 litres fluid absorbency – for quicker, easier clean-ups
  • Latex free
  • TGA registered


  • Size: 120cm x 100cm
  • Absorbent Area: 99cm x 83cm
  • Maximum absorbency: 3.6 litres


  • BOX of 30 - 6 packs of 5 sheets

Product Code: SBTD120100-HD