Breathable Absorbent Pads designed for maternity

TouchDRY® Breathable Absorbent Pads are white, soft flat sheets with an absorbent layer and waterproof yet breathable underside - thicker and more absorbent than standard TouchDRY for maternity or bariatric applications. Designed to support climate control and preserve skin integrity, they lock away moisture to protect patients' skin and prevent fluid from seeping through to equipment or furnishings. 

How does it benefit your Obstetrics department and staff?

  • High fluid handling capacity of TouchDRY® Plus – 8.1 litres m2 / 24h (AWTA 62) - reduce spills. Each pad absorbs over 5L of fluid.
  • Economic impact – alleviates strikethrough, protecting equipment and reducing the need for linen changes.
  • Always available for staff - no waiting for laundry.
  • Compatible with all pressure redistribution surfaces - assisting underlying micro-climate therapies.
  • Maintains structural integrity when saturated

How does TouchDRY PLUS benefit expecting mothers?

  • Breathable - The MVTR Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR) measures the passage of water vapour through a substance. The higher the MVTR rate the more breathable the product. TouchDRY® PLUS is 772.8g / mÇ / 24h / 23oC. Compared to 32.6 and 19.8 with other traditional bed pads. (Test method ASTM E96-2012).
  • Keeps skin dry - preserves the microclimate - the moisture balance of skin and reducing or eliminating the risk of moisture related skin damage is paramount in maintaining skin integrity (see independent report and testing).
  • Soft and flat, it can be used in direct contact with skin.
  • Reduced odours due to highly absorbent polymers encapsulated in the core.
  • No added pressure - A independent pressure study proved that there was no additional pressure load on a patients skin when using TouchDRY. Test were conducted at 25 kg, 50kg and 100 kg. Contact Haines® for a full copy of the report.
  • Latex Free

TouchDRY Plus with extra absorbency is perfect for birthing and bariatric care

TouchDRY® Plus

  • Size: 90cm L x 90cm W
  • Absorbent area: 80cm x 80cm
  • Maximum absorbency: 5.2 litres
  • Each pad weighs 212 grams
  • 4 bags of 10 pads
  • Designed for thicker fluids

TouchDRY® Plus with Wings

  • Size: 190cm L x 90cm W incl. wings
  • Absorbent area: 85cm x 80cm
  • Maximum absorbency: 5.5 litres
  • Each pad weighs 232 grams
  • 3 bags of 10 pads
  • Designed for thicker fluids


  • TouchDRY Plus (BOX 40)
  • TouchDRY Plus with Wings (BOX 30)


    Product Code: SBTD9090-P