Haines® Medical Australia’s Disposable Linen is currently used by hundreds of healthcare facilities around Australia and is designed to replace or complement your

reusable linen in a healthcare environment. It is best suited for high turnover areas (faster fitting and no waiting for reusable linen) and high infection risk areas.

It is a cost effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to washing reusable linen and, unlike paper linen, is soft and comfortable to lay on.

Why clients use Haines Disposable Linen

  • EasyFit - elastic sewn all around on fitted sheets allows covers to fit
  • various widths / lengths
  • Save time - fitted sheets cover top, sides and ends with elastic sewn all around for improved fitting and fast placement of cover
  • Reduce costs - where reusable linen wash costs are not economic
  • Availability - removes any delays for new patients caused by lack of reusable linen
  • Improve infection control - removed issues associated with collection, washing and cleanliness of reusable linen, especially in remote areas where pick-up of dirty linen is not frequent, disposable linen offers a hygienic solution
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