Haines Medical Sheets Blankets and Pillows

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Haines® Medical Sheets, Blankets & Pillows are used by hundreds of hospitals and healthcare facilities across Australia to replace or complement traditional, reusable linen. Due to faster, easier fitting and no need for laundering, they are best suited for high turnover areas. They provide a cost effective alternative to washing reusable linen and, unlike paper linen, are soft and comfortable to lay on.

Why clients use Haines® Medical Sheets, Blankets and Pillows:

  • Easy fit - An array of flat and fitted sheet options to fit on beds of various sizes
  • Save time - fitted sheets cover top, sides and ends with elastic sewn all around for improved fitting and fast placement
  • Reduce costs - with no need to wash and maintain traditional linen
  • Availability - removes added delays for new patients, caused by a lack of reusable linen
  • Accessibility - easy to store with convenient inner packs of 10
  • Infection control - overcomes issues associated with the collection, washing and cleanliness of traditional linen, particularly in remote areas where collection of dirty linen can be infrequent


Products available in our range

  • Disposable Draw Sheets
  • Disposable Blankets
  • Disposable Flat Sheets
  • Disposable Fitted Sheets
  • Disposable Pillow Cases
  • Reusable Pillow Cases
  • Disposable Pillows
  • Reusable Pillows
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