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  • SallySocks®

    SallySocks® are non-slip patient socks, designed to minimise the chance of slipping on dry floors. Made from polyester and spandex with skid resistant grip pads on the base, they are...
  • Bouffant Cap - 14gsm

     Features: Single use 1 layer PP – elastic all around 10gsm or 14gsm polypropylene with elastic Blue BOX 2000 (20 inner bags of 100)   
  • Economy Patient Gown

    Haines® Economy Patient Gown provides dignity for patients and convenience for staff and facilities. An alternative to reusable gowns. SMS 45gsm Dark blue Single use Available in 3 sizes: Medium -...
  • ASTM Level 2 Elastic Loops Mask

    Healthcare workers are required to wear face masks to protect themselves from infectious illnesses to stop the spread of the disease. They have a higher potential to be frequently exposed...
  • Thumbs-Up Gown

    Single Use Waterproof Made from CPE Individually sealed Blue BOX 100   Size 152cm long x 105cm around    
  • Shoe Cover - REDUCED TO CLEAR

    ITEM REDUCED TO CLEAR WAS $110 per box - NOW $21.45 PLEASE NOTE: These shoe covers have been reduced to clear, as the elastic has snapped in approximately 15% (3...
  • Quick View Hospital Patient Bib
    Back Soon

    Adult Bib - Single Use

    An efficient alternative to reusable bibs, reducing the need for laundry services and assisting patients with their hygiene. 3 ply: 2 ply paper + 1 PE waterproof layer 70cm L...
  • Staff Aprons - Reusable

    Made from hospital grade PVC Mackintosh material, these aprons are easy to clean and they can be used in a number of applications throughout the healthcare setting. For medical purposes...
  • Patient Shorts

    Features: Single use SMS 65gsm Dark blue BOX 100 (Inner bags of 10)   Sizes: Medium - Length 55cm x Waist 100cm  Large - Length 55cm x Waist 130cm  XX-Large...
  • Staff Aprons - Disposable

    Lightweight  Staff Apron - Disposable for fluid barrier protection.  Single use Disposable LDPE Apron 132cm long x 80cm White Options: PACK 100 (Handy dispenser packet of 100 aprons) NOW 30% off! BOX...
  • Non-Slip Shoe Cover

    Features: Non-slip, disposable shoe cover with elastic PP 36gsm 40cm x 16cm Blue    
  • AAMI Level 3 Staff Isolation Gown

    AAMI Level 3 - Moderate level of fluid barrier protection (resistence to water spray) Robust design with woven fabric – independently tested for breaking load, seam strength and tear resistence Single...
  • Adult Bib - Reusable (SmartBarrier® Clothing Protectors)

    The reusable Adult Bib,  SmartBarrier® Clothing Protectors shield clothing from unwanted stains and odours. Features: Reversible Waterproof backing 100% brushed polyester facing for durability and comfort Washable approximately 150 times Hand, machine or...
  • Disposable Bouffant Cap - 10gsm

      1 layer PP – elastic all around 10gsm polypropylene with elastic Blue BOX 2000 (20 inner bags of 100)   
  • Single Use Face Shield

    For carer protection and comfort A comfortable, ergonomically designed Face Shield used to protect medical personnel from direct, facial contact with airborne particles, including sprays or splashes from infectious bodily...
  • Quick View Level 1 Staff Isolation Gown Level 3 Staff Isolation Gown cuffs
    Back Soon

    AAMI Level 1 Staff Isolation Gown

    LEVEL 1 GOWN For use in minimal risk situations. Ideal for frontline healthcare workers, as a cover gown for visitors or in standard medical units. AAMI Level 1 - Low...
  • PVC Overboots

    Made from hospital grade PVC Mackintosh material, these 'overboots' or shoe covers are easy to clean and they can be used in a number of applications throughout the healthcare setting....
  • AAMI Level 2 Staff Isolation Gown

    LEVEL 2 GOWN For use in low-risk situations such as minimally invasive surgical procedures. AAMI Level 2 – Low level fluid barrier protection (slightly higher resistance to water spray than L1 gowns)...
  • Easy-Wrap No-Gap Gown

    Extra fabric wraps around and ties in front for extra security Unique design that securely wraps around the back of the patient and ties at the front. Velcro arm tabs...
  • Easy-Wrap No-Gap Disposable Paediatric Patient Gown

    NEW & IMPROVED Haines® Easy-Wrap No-Gap Disposable Paediatric Patient Gown Childrens gowns are back with an improved design - Ideal for children aged 4-9 (approx.). Features: Dark blue Non-transparent Tie at...
  • Greeny® Compostable Apron

    An exciting addition to the Haines range of PPE, the Greeny® Compostable Apron meets growing demand for plastic-free, single use consumables. Greeny Compostable Aprons provide an environmentally friendlier alternative to...

A safe, smart and comfortable range of single use and reusable staff and patient apparel.

Haines® Gowns, Garments & PPE are designed to meet the needs of hospital and healthcare customers, in consultation with industry professionals. Our aim is to maximise comfort and function, whilst providing cost-effective apparel options for healthcare facilities.

  • Reduce Costs - Single use gowns and garments can significantly reduce costs when compared to products requiring inventory control and laundering.
  • Improved Infection Control - Patient gowns and bibs for convenience, general hygiene and infection control.
  • Patient Safety - Gowns, socks and more for patient comfort, discretion and safety.
  • Staff Protection - Aprons, isolation gowns, face masks and shoe covers for comprehensive staff protection.


Products available in our range

  • Staff Gowns
  • Staff Aprons
  • Patient Apparel
  • Surgical Masks
  • Face Shields
  • Shoe Covers
  • Caps
  • SallySock® Non-Slip
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