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  • Paper Pill Cup

    Avoid cross-contamination and provide easy distribution of medication Haines® Paper Pill Cups avoid cross-contamination and provide easy distribution of medication. They are an environmentally-friendly and cost effective alternative to plastic pill...
  • Medicine Cup

    With a waterproof lining and inner measuring scale, Haines® Medicine Cups are designed to safely and accurately dispense up to 60mls of liquid medication. The medicine cup is made from paper pulp...
  • Recyclable Paper Wound Ruler

    Designed in conjunction with wound managers, the Haines® Paper Wound Ruler facilitates the measurement of external wound dimensions. The ruler is a convenient tool to monitor and record wound progress...
  • Biodegradable Sputum Cup with Optional Lid

    The Haines® Biodegradable Sputum Cup with optional Lid has been developed as a secure vessel for patient sputum, non-clinical specimens and sundry personal items. Made from paper with a compostable...
  • Biodegradable Denture Cup with Lid

    This fully biodegradable Denture Cup is designed for soaking dentures, with the ability to contain water (hot or cold) for 24 hours and denture cleaning solution for up to 5.5 hours with...
  • Biodegradable Bowl

    The Haines® Biodegradable Bowl with optional firm-fitting lid is a secure vessel with many uses, primarily designed to support nauseous patients and their carers through the hygienic containment and disposal...
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