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  • TouchDRY® PLUS for Maternity

    Breathable Absorbent Pads designed for maternity TouchDRY® Breathable Absorbent Pads are white, soft flat sheets with an absorbent layer and waterproof yet breathable underside - thicker and more absorbent than standard...
  • TouchDRY® Breathable Absorbent Pad

    Breathable Absorbent Pads  TouchDRY® Breathable Absorbent Pads are white, soft flat sheets with an absorbent layer and waterproof yet breathable underside. Designed to support climate control and preserve skin integrity, they...
  • SmartBarrier® Bluey

    SmartBarrier® Bluey Underpads are an economical bed pad consisting of layers of absorbent tissue paper. Available in 5-ply, 8-ply or the more absorbent Maxi, SmartBarrier® Bluey Underpads have a waterproof PE backing...
  • FloorDRY® Absorbent Mat

    Increase safety and productivity with FloorDRY® FloorDRY® is a single use, non-slip absorbent mat, offering efficient, cost-effective protection in areas where the floor gets wet. One FloorDRY® mat can quickly absorb...
  • Easy-Wrap No-Gap Gown

    Extra fabric wraps around and ties in front for extra security Unique design that securely wraps around the back of the patient and ties at the front. Velcro arm tabs...
  • Antimicrobial Medical Curtains

    Haines® Antimicrobial Medical Curtains are designed to replace your existing reusable curtains in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, day surgeries, medical centres and other healthcare facilities requiring patient privacy and screening. They offer...
  • Antimicrobial Medical Curtains with Mesh Top

    Haines® Antimicrobial Medical Curtains with 50cm mesh at the top of the curtain for ceiling mounted curtains if compliance with fire regulations is an issue.    NOTE: Hooks sold separately.     
  • Tourniquet - Single Patient Use

      For improved infection control Haines® Tourniquet  Single Patient Use offers a simple, cost-effective and better alternative to: Disposable tourniquets as they offer a firm grip and one can be used for the...
  • Greeny® Compostable Underpad

    Traditional, plastic-backed Bluey and Pinky underpads play a vital role in healthcare, however they have long been scrutinised - not only for their ‘sweatiness’, but for their environmental impact. Blueys...
  • Antimicrobial Medical Curtains - CUSTOM LINES REDUCED TO CLEAR

    The lines of Haines® MediCurtains listed below are heavily discounted, as they are nearing the end of their shelf life (up to1 year hang time). LIMITED STOCK - AVAILABLE ONLY WHILE...

Haines® maternity range has been developed to make it easier for staff and improve patient outcomes for birthing mothers. The range includes our new absorbent maternity bed pads which absorb over 5 litres of thicker fluids.

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