The Haines® Solutions Lab is where:

  • insights and ideas can be brought to life
  • products are improved
  • better clinical outcomes achieved
  • problems are resolved


The Solutions Lab designs and manufactures smarter, more eco-friendly, disposable and single patient use products through industry consultation, R&D, prototyping, clinical verification and product testing.

At Haines®, we’ve staked our reputation on always thinking of ways to deliver better healthcare management and we do this in collaboration with industry professionals.

Customers’ insights and critical thinking inspires and drives the Lab.

We are delighted to share the recent products developed with our customers through the Solutions Lab.

Greeny® Compostable Underpad - the compostable, highly absorbent alternative to a Bluey

SallySocks® - non-slip patient socks, designed to minimise the chance of slipping on dry floors

Biodegradable Sputum Cup with Optional Lid - developed as a secure vessel for patient sputum, non-clinical specimens and sundry personal items

Microfibre Mop Heads (SU) - highly efficient and effective alternative for facilities seeking to optimise infection control and organisational resources

AAMI L1 Isolation Gown (SPU) - designed for frontline healthcare workers, as a cover gown for visitors or in standard medical units; minimal risk situations

Easy-Wrap No-Gap Gowns (SPU) - unique design that securely wraps around the back of the patient and ties at the front. Velcro arm tabs for easy shoulder and neck access

TouchDRY®Absorbent Bed Pads - designed to support climate control and preserve skin integrity, they lock away moisture to protect patients' skin and prevent fluid from seeping through to equipment or furnishings

TouchDRY® Heavy Duty Transfer Sheets - unique, convenient and versatile product designed for operating theatres, ambulance services, emergency departments and ICUs

TouchDRY® PLUS for Maternity - a one-bed pad solution for birthing women

FloorDRY® Absorbent Mat - efficient, cost-effective protection in areas where the floor gets wet

SallySling® General Purpose Sling - designed with built-in head support and padded legs, the patient lift sling with head support ensures superior patient comfort during transfers

SallySling® Repositioning Sling - a full bed-length sling with a 4-point spreader bars that allow the patient or resident to remain in a supine position for transfer or in-bed repositioning, and can also be used for turning

SallySling® Pannus Support - designed to reduce risks for health professionals by reducing awkward postures, reaching and sustained lifting and providing the support for better care for bariatric patients

SallySling® Limb Lifter - designed with built-in foam padding to improve patient comfort and provide extra support, this sling is ideal for use with a lifter to support patient limbs

Arm Positioning Strap (SPU) - developed to support a waste reduction initiative by a leading hospital, and designed with these environmental insights, and more, in mind

Antibacterial Trolley Cover - designed to replace existing reusable or plastic trolley covers, covering linen or other trolley-transported items, to reduce the risk of fluid or dust contamination during transportation or storage

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