At Haines there are a number of ways we choose to give back. We focus our giving in two key areas of the human services and healthcare industry.  We do this by donating our skills and our knowledge and where appropriate our products.  

International Aid

Haines regularly support medical professionals who travel to third world countries or countries that have experiences tragedies. Over the past few years Haines has provided supplies of Slippery Sally Slide Sheets to help in Suva, Solomon Islands, Hati, Vietnam and currently Nepal. 

Childhood Cancer Association  

Haines Medical Australia and so very proud to provide hands-on support to the Childhood Cancer Association. Today, eight out of 10 children survive cancer. Sixty years ago, cancer survival rate was extremely low.  Please join us and support the Childhood Cancer Association 

  • Each year, more than 625 children in Australia are diagnosed with cancer. Almost half are children aged 0–4yo
  • Every week, nearly three children in Australia die from cancer.
  • Today, eight out of 10 children survive. Sixty years ago, cancer survival rate was extremely low. 
  • Up to 70 per cent of long-term survivors go on to develop chronic health conditions as a result of their treatment such as organ toxicity, growth and hormonal deficiencies, infertility and secondary cancers.
  • Causes remain unknown for more than 90 per cent of childhood cancer cases but we do know almost half of all childhood cancer begins in the womb.
  • The most common childhood cancers are acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, brain cancer, lymphoma and neuroblastoma.
  • Unlike many adult cancers, childhood cancer is not associated with lifestyle and nothing can be done to prevent it. Childhood cancer does not discriminate; it can affect any child from any socioeconomic or cultural background.

We support the Childhood Cancer Association in a number of ways:

  • Professional Advice/Support - We provide professional advice to assist with the running on the association. This includes sourcing, purchasing and marketing
  • Quarterly in house fundraising lunches which provide funds that provide 6 nights of free accommodation for a country family staying in the city for treatment, or 8hrs of group counselling support for brothers & sisters of children with cancer, or 5hrs of home tutoring to help school aged children keep up with their schoolwork whilst undergoing treatment for cancer, or 2 families with a 'Family Pack' - providing essential items given to a family shortly after diagnosis, or 6hrs of bereavement support for brothers/sisters, parents & grandparents
Join us and support the Childhood Cancer Association

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