Our Story

Haines® Medical Australia is an Australian company, specialising in infection control and safe patient handling, that has proudly supplied Australia's hospitals, healthcare and aged care facilities, health associations and the general community since 1974.

Introducing Haines Medical Australia

Haines® is a medical manufacturing and supply company, focused on improving healthcare for staff and patients through better single use and single patient use products. 

The core of Haines is our ability to think on our feet, develop solutions and respond quickly. 

Always thinking and Always There to help, by healthcare standards we are a smaller Australian business but don’t let that fool you:

  • We are nimble and can respond quickly to market and client needs.
  • We have robust quality accredited systems and evidence to back up our claims.
  • We have a great team of people who we trust to have the transactional and strategic conversations that you need to have. They are much more than order takers.


Here are five things we’d like you to know most about Haines:

1. We are focused on delivering the very best medical and single use products

We are focused to improve healthcare outcomes and staff and patient satisfaction:

  • Improve healthcare outcomes in infection control, staff and patient injuries, patient satisfaction and more.
  • Improve business outcomes in the time and cost to deliver healthcare.
  • High-quality manufacturing.
  • Environmentally considerate in everything we do.

2. We prioritise service and reliability

At Haines, we promise to be approachable, responsive and reliable and we personally offer you a NO RISK ordering guarantee. 

That means you can order with peace of mind and if the product you order does not meet your needs we will refund or replace the product, no questions asked!

  • Haines has 4 warehouses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.
  • Haines has a no-risk ordering guarantee.
  • Haines is certified to ISO 9001 quality standards.

3. We offer dedicated Product Specialists

Haines has a long proud history of serving Australia’s hospitals, healthcare and aged care facilities, health associations and the general community.

  • Haines has been operating since 1974.
  • Haines employs dedicated Product Specialists in 5 capital cities across Australia.
    • Our Product Specialists are empowered to have product improvement conversations and qualified to deliver in-services on all our products.
    • Our Product Specialists regularly travel to meet the needs of our regional and remote customers.

4. We encourage questions, trials and free samples

At Haines, we are always happy to provide samples and any tests or evidence you may need. We know that how a product feels and how it works is paramount, and anything we can do to help your decision-making we will do.

At any time, you can order a free sample by simply talking to your Haines Product Specialist or using our online Sample Request Form and we will send them direct to you.

  • Haines offers free samples on all single use products.
  • Haines provides access to all our research and testing.
  • Haines offers in-services on all products before or after you purchase.

5. We design and manufacture our own products

At Haines, we are in complete control of the supply chain. We design, manufacture, warehouse and supply our own products. We are continually collaborating with professionals, listening and thinking how to improve products for better healthcare management outcomes. 

  • Haines have a dedicated product development team.
  • Read more about our Solutions Lab.

The Haines Way Promise

The Haines Way Promise guides the way we recruit and train our staff and the way we conduct our business. It guides what we measure with our bi-annual customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction assessments. 

Product Specialisation

We manufacture and sell single use and single patient use products at a fair price.


This is the hallmark of our brand. We take responsibility and are accountable in all that we do. Our brand engenders trust through uncompromising reliability and ethical behaviour. We demonstrate high standards of manufacture that include scientific testing and ongoing research and development.


Our name is strongly associated with high levels of transparency - we are clear and public on our pricing and product specifications. Our policy of availing free samples and full replacement, no questions asked guarantee is celebrated.


We have a can-do approach and an eagerness to please. We not only respond, we anticipate. We are adaptable, agile and persistent. Ours is a brand of enthusiasm, positivity and commitment in all that we do.

Intelligent Solutions

Haines Medical Australia is renowned for collaborating with customers to cleverly adapt products to specific needs. We are quick to explore possibilities and create new products. We have a thirst for improvement that extends to all aspects of our business.

Generous Spirit

Our reputation for generosity is legendary. We are keen to share our knowledge, our time, link our network contacts for mutual benefit and go above and beyond to help people realise their goals.

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