The Haines® Syringe Pump Pouch (formerly the NIKI Pump Pouch) is designed to allow the wearer to stay mobile while receiving an infusion, often for the treatment of chronic pain.

A small bag with straps, the Syringe Pump Pouch holds and protects a patient medication delivery or ‘infusion’ device called the BD BodyGuardTM T Syringe Pump (formerly known as the T34TM Ambulatory Syringe Driver or NIKI Pump). Used widely across Australia, the pump itself is a clever little device – a small, portable, programmable unit that delivers the contents of a 2 to 50ml syringe over a specified period of time (e.g. 24 hours). It acts like a dripper irrigation system, delivering a consistent supply of liquid medication to a patient over time.

The syringe pump is placed inside a ‘lockbox’, which prevents intervention with the infusion. The lockbox is then placed inside the Haines® Syringe Pump Pouch, which is carried or worn comfortably on the patient’s body for safe transportation of the syringe pump around the hospital, at home or out-and-about. They are issued as a mobile alternative to a cumbersome ‘pump pole’ for the sustained delivery of pain relief (e.g. Ketamine).

The Syringe Pump Pouch is a single patient use item to avoid cross contamination and should be discarded after use by a single patient or if soiled. 


Haines® Syringe Pump Pouches provide substantial cost savings when switching from reusable alternatives. Beyond these savings, benefits include:

  • A clear window that allows for easy monitoring of the infusion.
  • Waist/shoulder straps and thick padding to facilitate a comfortable, secure fit.
  • Straps designed to allow the pouch to be worn on the body or carried, if preferred.
  • No laundering costs.
  • No risk of cross-contamination, due to being a single patient use product.


The pouch is most commonly used for the sustained delivery of pain relief in:

  • Chronic pain units
  • Palliative care - particularly end-stage cancer treatment
  • Hospices
  • Home and community nursing


  • Fits BD BodyGuardTM T Syringe Pump (formerly known as the T34TM Ambulatory Syringe Driver or NIKI Pump) and lockbox (not included)
  • Weight (pouch only) 121g
  • Pouch measurements 245mm W x 115mm L x 45mm Thick
  • Colour: Black
  • BOX of 25 Syringe Pump Pouches

Product Code: DNPP-25
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