SmartBarrier Bluey

The Haines® SmartBarrier® Absorbent Bluey is an economical bed pad consisting of layers of absorbent tissue paper. The tissue paper is available in either 5ply or more absorbent Maxi. The SmartBarrier® Absorbent Bluey has a waterproof PE backing to prevent strikethrough.


  • Waterproof PE Backing
  • Sealed edges
  • Soft quilted finish
  • 5 ply has a fluid absorbency capacity of 0.1 litres of fluid (1)
  • Maxi 9 ply has fluff pulp and has a fluid absorbency capacity of 0.7 litres of fluid (1)
  • Available in two sizes - 60cm x 40cm and 60cm x 90cm sizes
  • Folded for hygiene and easy bench storage
  • Disposable
  • Cost effective option
  • Reduce laundry costs
  • Wide variety of applications
  • TGA registered
5 Ply 60cm x 40cm
  • 300pc (6 inner bags of 50pc)
  • Weighs approx. 20g
  • Fluid holding capacity of 0.5 litre/m² (1)
  • BOX 300

60cm x 90cm

  • 120pc (12 inner bags of 10pc) (Maxi)
  • Weights approx. 81g (Maxi)
  • Fluid holding capacity 1.4 litre/m² (1)
  • BOX 120

(1) AWTA 62-1994 Section 4 Fluid Absorption Capacity Test 16/10/20



Product Code: SBUP5PLY6040
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