Leadership, community, creativity and social justice are all good reasons why Haines Medical Australia choose to support the @MarilynJettySwim support  #cancercouncilsa each February.




Earlier this month over 300+ Marilyn Monroe look-alikes braved the waters and Haines Medical Australia chimed in to help-out for #WorldCancerDay 

Our Marketing Manager, Sally Day has been a close observer and participant of The Marilyn's and this is why she and Haines Medical are inspired to get involved:


  1. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Mum's, Daughter's, Niece's, Dad's, Uncle's & Survivors all doing their bit in the fight against cancer. Many got involved to help and then realised how rewarding, fulfilling and transforming this community event actually is.


  1. Creativity & Vision. This amazing community initiative started with local resident Sarah Tinney wondering how she could make a difference after losing her Mum to cancer. This crazy idea to dress as Marilyn and swim around the Brighton Jetty came to her while sitting at the Brighton Surf Club.


  1. Teamwork & Courage. Having a vision and putting into action takes good people, so Sarah Tinney roped in friend and neighbour Sarah Ventress. Together these ladies built a movement with courage and conviction.


  1. Reinvention. After 6 years this amazing team reinvented the event, broke down barriers and overcame obstacles. They started in their first year with 30 Marilyn's raising $20,000. Seven years on they have over 300 Marilyn Look-a-Likes and will raise well more than $160,000 this season.


  1. Let go to grow. These ladies worked hard and long for 7 years, as part of their reinvention plan knew they had to let go to grow. They picked parts of the operation that could be outsourced which allowed them to reconnect with their creativity and further drive this initiative forward.


Who knew so many leadership lessons would come from a bunch of people dressed as Marilyn in the beachside suburb of Brighton SA!

Congratulations to all involved!

For more leadership lessons follow co-founder @Sarah Ventress from Space Changers Executive Coaching and to supporting this initiative visit www.themarilyns.org

 #WorldCancerDay 4 Feb

#everyminuteeveryhoureveryday #cancercouncilsa #MarilynJettySwim


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