Haines Medical presents the #ManualHandlingCollective Vlogs & Podcasts by Simone Hepburn.

Our first two episodes have not to be missed content on the challenging space of bariatric patient care in hospitals.

Ep 1 — We talk about building organisational capability for caring for bariatric patients with Safe Patient Handling Coordinator, Stephen Morleyfrom Bendigo Hospital.  Packed full of simple, smart practical thinking when it comes to caring for bariatric patients throughout their hospital journey, including through to their end of life.




Ep 2 — We talk about workforce empathy for bariatric patients with Clinical Care Consultant and pressure injury prevention specialist Tracy Nowicki. Her candid manner and energy is inspiring, she challenges us to ‘lift our game’ through her real life stories of bariatric care in Australia.



Haines has challenged its own Solutions Lab to ‘lift its game’ for bariatric patients, by creating our very own product the ‘Pannus Sling’. This product improves access and provides additional manual handling support when dealing with bariatric patients.

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