Traditional, plastic-backed Bluey and Pinky underpads play a vital role in healthcare, however they have long been scrutinised - not only for their ‘sweatiness’, but for their environmental impact.

Blueys and Pinkys are extremely high-turnover consumables. A recent procurement audit of numerous Australian hospitals (conducted by sustainable healthcare advocacy group, TRA2SH5) found that between 15,600 and 96,000 Blueys were used at each site per year, relative to the number of theatres. With 1350 hospitals in Australia alone, that equates to roughly 75 million Blueys (over 1,950 tonnes) every year, taking over 100 years to break down when disposed in landfill.4 And that’s just Blueys, not larger, thicker Pinkys.


Like plastic underpads, the Greeny is designed to:

  • Trap and contain liquids - protecting bedding, clothing and other surfaces from soilage and contamination.
  • Provide an absorbent surface on which to perform clinical procedures.


But beyond that, Greenys are:

  • Compliant with AS 4736 compostability standards, due to a cornstarch-based bioplastic backing and 5-ply paper fluff pulp top layer, sourced from responsibly managed forests.1,2
  • 60% more absorbent and 14 times more breathable than 5-ply Blueys.1
  • 63% better for sweat management than Pinkys.1 Due to a higher ‘water vapour permeability’, Greenys reduce the tendancy for a patient’s skin to sweat like it would on a plastic-backed underpad, thereby reducing the risk of skin breakdown and associated injuries.3


Together, this means that Greenys can remain in place for longer - reducing underpad turnover - while providing a safer, more comfortable patient experience, with less residual impact on our environment.1,2,3



  • Standards: AS 47361,2, EN13432, ASTM E 1676 (Earthworm Toxicity Testing)2
  • Sizes: Small, Regular and Large
  • Colour: Green



  • Small - 30cm x 40cm

- BOX 300: 6 bags of 50pcs
- Approx weight: 15g
- Total fluid holding capacity: approx. 100ml

  • Regular - 40cm x 57cm

- BOX 250: 5 bags of 50pcs
- Approx weight: 29g
- Total fluid holding capacity: approx. 200ml

  • Large - 57cm x 90cm

- BOX 150: 6 bags of 25pcs
- Approx weight: 75g
- Total fluid holding capacity: approx. 400ml


Samples of this product are available for hospital, aged care and healthcare representatives to trial.

Click on the button below to Request a Sample and Haines® Greeny Instructions For Use Guide.

Always follow the directions for use.

Data references available in the downloadable brochure below.

Product Code: BIOPAD3040-SMALL
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