SallyTube® slide tubes or ‘move tubes’ are slide sheets sewn into tubes to facilitate transfers without the need for a second slide sheet. For general ward use, they can be used with one patient for the duration of their stay and wiped down as needed or, where a higher level of infection control is required, disposed of after use.


    • Silicone-coated polyester taffeta - heat-sealed with sewn join to slide on itself
    • Single patient use – alleviates the risk of cross-contamination associated with reusable move tubes
    • Ready to grab and go – no need for staff to risk patient handling injuries while waiting for reusable move tubes to return from the laundry
    • Consistent slip quality (unlike old over-laundered move tubes)
    • Multi-directional
    • Radiolucent – can be used for X-rays/CT scans
    • Individually sealed
    • Handy dispenser system
    • Significant cost savings – around one third of the price of reusable move tubes, with no laundering costs


    SallyTube® - Single Patient Use - Bed to Bed Tube:

    • 145cm W x 72.5cm L (145cm circumference)
    • Ideal for lateral transfers from bed to theatre or X-ray table, stretcher or other surfaces
    • When inserted in the lateral transfer position, patients can be moved 30cm up the bed, or the tube can be rotated 90 degrees for up-the-bed manoeuvres
    • SWL up to 360kg
    • Ideal for use with a draw sheet, such as ProDRAW (DSMS190110H-80)
    • Contains 5 inner boxes of 12 SallyTubes®
    • BOX 60


    SallyActive® - Single Patient Use - Chair Size Tube:

    • 45cm W x 45cm L (90cm circumference)
    • Ideal for assisting with:
    - Rehab exercises – reducing friction during arm and leg exercises, for example
    - Seated transfers – in and out of vehicles, chairs etc – to reduce carer and client effort
    - Positioning other equipment, such as slings
    • Refer to SallyActive® Guidelines for detailed information on the above activities.
    • BOX 50


    Product Code: MT STDSS-60
    Slide Sheets & Tubes
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