What a year! Full of more twists and turns, breakthroughs, new variants, sadness, courage, and hope. While still very busy at Haines HQ, we are finishing 2021 on a high note – helping our neighbours near and far. We’re very grateful for that because doing something positive for other people lifts our own spirits, too. And that’s especially true at Christmas!

Think of everything that 2021 has thrown at us: illness, suffering, grief, fear, isolation for many, exhaustion, and anxiety for those at the coalface – to name a few. The disruption to everything – work, school, employment, income, shopping, travel, supply chains, holidays, sport, exercise, entertainment, hair management, petrol prices, and let's not forget toilet paper supplies!

Think of the skills, patience, and resilience we never knew we needed: always in PPE, tests, swabs, and more swabs! Home schooling, online shopping, mask-wearing, queuing to be tested, queuing to be vaccinated. Or – being home together all the time. And for those we love who are living alone, we’ve worried how they were coping without our hugs and warm smiles, how we’ve coped without them.

We’ve all been through a lot and learned a lot more this year – about ourselves, our families, co-workers, friends, neighbours; about our community and our country. About humanity.

The biggest shout out, respect and deepest gratitude must go to those on the frontline: you know who you are. You get up each day, put one foot in front of the other, and keep on keeping on. You inspire us. You are working so hard for us. We can’t thank you enough, or often enough. Thank you!

While not frontline workers, we know our work makes a difference and this Christmas we want to share how we are helping.

L-R The Stables Christian Centre's Sonny & Lynne Hoet with Haines Medical Australia's Laura de Lacy.

Top: The Stables Christian Centre's Op Shop. Middle: Donated goods from Haines Medical Australia. Bottom: A range of donated goods awaiting shipment to Papua New Guinea.

The Stables Christian Centre is just 7 kms down the road from our head office, and Haines is supporting their efforts to help our neighbour, Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea is in the grip of a Covid medical crisis which is putting further strain on an already broken medical system.

Haines Medical, together with hospitals throughout Australia have donated goods now stored at The Stables Christian Centre – waiting to be shipped to PNG.

✦ The goods are being sent in response to wish lists from PNG, to be distributed through the towns, villages, and rural areas. Distribution is arranged by local people who are passionate about providing medical services to their community.

If this story touches your heart, please consider making a donation on The Stables Christian Centre's My Cause page, to help cover the cost of shipping these urgently needed medical goods to Papua New Guinea.

Across Australia, Haines single patient use AAT mats are being recycled to help wildlife rescuers treat and transport injured native animals.

This Summer, be sure to get on board and donate your used Air Transfer Mats to The Gift Project. It’s so important that our volunteer wildlife carers and rescuers have plenty on hand, especially in bush fire season.

Some of the Haines team with gifts for the Childhood Cancer Association. Back L-R: Alex, Katie, Tania
Front: Laura and Flora.

Haines has supported the Childhood Cancer Association for more than a decade in the wonderful work that they do.

Our staff buy toys and activities for the families who will spend each summer at Bradley's Place, CCA's respite accommodation.

We also refresh the respite accommodation and the Association’s city emergency accommodation close to the Women and Children's Hospital with Haines Smart Barrier Pillows. We hope soon to also add our new cosy Non-Slip Sally Socks for the Adelaide cool winter nights (and for some extra TLC).

The design of our Chrismas message and our 2022 Desk Calendar this year is inspired by our work with The Gift Project and our new Aussie Animal MediCurtains. The new Aussie Animal curtain patterns was created to bring smiles to the faces of the children in hospital around the country, and for nurses to use as a distraction tool for their patients at times.

If you would like one of our 2022 Desk Calendars, along with a sample of our updated range of pattern and coloured curtains, please email us at office@hainesmedical.com.au


3 Pattern, 6 Standard and 9 Special Order Colours.

To our wonderful Customers!
To our wonderful Staff!
To our Peers, Advisors, & Near Peers!

You are so inspiring to work with!
We are grateful for ALL that you do!

What will 2022 throw at us?
It's coming up fast! So let's get off to a good start, and help our neighbours near and far.

Let's make 2022

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